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Institute of non-formal education!

Institute of non-formal education - to support, implement, develop

The activity of the NGO "Institute for informal education" is, first and foremost, an action. The projects we implement and support become a benchmark for changes in society, and, in addition to constructive critique, offer specific directions for change in one or another activity of both society and the state. Public activists are becoming the bearers of the changes and the words of the Great Ukrainian Vyacheslav Chornovil: "Ukraine begins with you" is the main driver in the affairs we carry out in order to build a new society in Ukraine.

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Our indicators

With the help of project indicators we show others how it is needed and you can work:

24/7 support for projects

  • What you need to know about a project as an object of management

    Project and its environment There is a fairly large number of project definitions, analyzing which one can propose the following: the project is a temporary activity for creating value, due...

  • Why do you need project management

    The project is a temporary activity Any activity is realized through the interaction of individuals within the socio-economic system (organizations, enterprises, societies, etc.). It is aimed at obtaining a specific...

  • How, who and why has the project management

    Participants in the project management process Each planned work must be done accordingly. And the quality and effectiveness of its implementation depends on the technology that will be used in...


We cooperate with other public organizations and government bodies, which also have, like us, strategic vision for the development of society. The main advantage of cooperation with the state for public organizations is access to resources and influence on the gradual reform of this state. On the other hand, the state receives a lot of benefits from cooperation with civic organizations - primarily in the intellectual sphere. In addition, in certain cases, public organizations can operate more successfully and more effectively than state structures. Civil society organizations are somewhat interested in state control of their activities, as this would contribute to the absence of abuses that impede the way civil society organizations perform their functions. Involvement of public organizations of public organizations will allow them to make their activities more open and transparent.

Main directions of cooperation with state bodies and public organizations:

Project details

  • Autumn Debate School

    The project, designed to develop civil society through the educational technology "debate". Implemented in October 2016. Participants - 60 students of Ivano-Frankivsk universities, 8 trainers from the debates of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Odessa.  ...

  • School Debate League

    The main objective is activization of the public attitude of students, dissemination of non-formal education as an effective form of self-improvement through educational technology, "debate". Four schools in Ivano-Frankivsk took part in the project, and more than a hundred students were enrolled in general. The...