How, who and why has the project management

Participants in the project management process

Each planned work must be done accordingly. And the quality and effectiveness of its implementation depends on the technology that will be used in this. The basis of each technology is the appropriate method, and it serves only as an appropriate tool for implementing the latter. Availability of technology requires the appropriate qualification of its performers, as well as appropriate means for the project to be properly implemented.
This information should also be known for project management. That is, it is necessary to answer the question: how, who and how does project management?

The analysis shows that the planned results of project management in all phases are relevant documents. For example, in the course of the development phase, it is a concept, a feasibility study, a business plan, an expert opinion, a statute, a logical matrix of the project, and a decision to move to the next phase of project development. In the phase of development - the project plan, tender documentation, contracts.
All work on the achievement of these results belongs to the cognitive, that is, mental activity (for this classification there is still motor and emotional activity). This is due to those methods and technologies that are used in project management. It is they who determine how to do the work.

Project and project management is a synthetic type of activity. That is, one that uses the knowledge of other branches of knowledge. There are three groups of knowledge areas used in project management.
The first group can be attributed to general managerial knowledge. They relate to planning, organization, monitoring, statistics, logistics, forecasting. The second group consists of applied knowledge, that is, important for some projects, but not needed in others. This knowledge of applied areas should reflect the unique or unusual aspects of the project environment, as well as the overall practical results, which will improve the effectiveness of the project.

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