What you need to know about a project as an object of management

Project and its environment

There is a fairly large number of project definitions, analyzing which one can propose the following: the project is a temporary activity for creating value, due to the unique property of the project product within the framework of the mission of the socio-economic system.
Based on the essence of the project, it should be considered as a tool for development, implementation of strategies and implementation of transformations. Therefore, today the methodology of project management has become increasingly applied in almost all sectors of public, public and commercial structures.

The above definition takes into account the main distinguishing features of the project in the modern sense. They include the creation of value within the framework of a specific mission of a specific socio-economic system. It should be understood that the value does not create the project product itself, but its unique properties that manifest themselves in the process of using the product.
The system can act as an individual, and a group of people, community, organization, city, district, region, state, etc. They exist in an environment that is constantly changing. At the same time, changes occur dynamically and very often unpredictable. Therefore, today the implementation of projects and the use of their products takes place under uncertainty. This is primarily due to the fact that civilization is at the post-industrial stage of its development, which is defined as an era of knowledge. Therefore, today the development of any socio-economic system is impossible without the introduction of innovations. Innovations become the basis of the bourgeois idea of ​​any project.

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