Why do you need project management

The project is a temporary activity

Any activity is realized through the interaction of individuals within the socio-economic system (organizations, enterprises, societies, etc.). It is aimed at obtaining a specific product or achieving the desired state of the system. The interaction between individuals needs to be coordinated. The project is not an exception in this case.
Activity by its very nature is a process. And the process must necessarily be managed. Today, management is understood as the process of decision-making and the implementation of coordinated actions that lead the system to the desired state.

Management decision making is a complex process that consists of the following stages: preparation, development, acceptance, implementation and analysis of the results of the solution implementation. The universal and most formalized in theory and practice is the stage of decision-making. The completion of all other stages is determined by the specifics of management objects and management objectives.
Project management is the process of making competent decisions by the project management team in terms of effective and efficient coordination of actions as an integral system for obtaining a product of a project with unique properties based on indicators of value, quality, time, cost and satisfaction of stakeholders.

Project management needs to be implemented throughout its life cycle. It should be borne in mind that the creation of a product product with unique properties through the implementation of specially designed actions for the introduction of innovation requires special methods and approaches to management. Each project can be considered as a unique socio-cultural organism, which "lives" according to its own internal laws. Without understanding and taking into account, it is impossible to obtain the desired unique properties of the product of the project in the conditions of the established restrictions on time, resources and features of its operation..

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