Why am I beginning to engage in social activities? Still, educators in the garden told their parents that I had a leader role. The time has come for school years, senior classes and active participation in the life of the school began to gain momentum. Then I made the best decision in my life - entered the philosophical faculty of the PNU them. V. Stefanyk Why was this the best solution? For it was here that I opened my eyes to the wide open space for action and the great opportunities I have. It all began with volunteering, debate, festivals on psychology, various projects for children, and so on. Then one defeat, after which a new door opened unexpectedly before me - an opportunity to join the team of the NGO "Institute for Informal Education". After that, I realized that all the events of the past were not easy, those years of hard work, defeats - all this led me here, where I have the opportunity to do what inspires, develops, what people need.