"Eternal volunteer" is a phrase I hear repeatedly in my own way. Not always perceive it as something positive. But not me. At school, unfortunately, I was not involved in volunteering and social activities, and did not know much about them at all. Even before, I thought that nothing was catching in Ivano-Frankivsk, but the prospect was only in big cities. But the entry into the V.P. Stefanyk National Socialist School of the Faculty of Philosophy changed my views and, in general, my whole life. After all, I fell into a circle of extremely interesting, intelligent and extraordinary people who believed me and showed that "The present is a thing of the past. Last, which can still be changed ". Here I also plunged to change my future, plunged into a wave of debate, volunteering, creative and psychological festivals, scientific conferences, etc. And then, as a reward, for all the ups and downs, there was the opportunity to join the NGO "Institute for Informal Education", so that I can help others, inspire them, promote development, and show how life can be multi-faceted and incredible.